The Soft Light

by Turvy Organ

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Debut album from Turvy Organ


released March 1, 2016

All lyrics and music written by Ilya Litoshik
Produced by Paul Simmons and Ilya Litoshik
Mixed by Paul Simmons and Ilya Litoshik
Mastered by Paul Simmons
Recorded in 'Studio C' Denver, CO

Bass by Beau Schwarz
Backup Vocals by Zoe Simmons



all rights reserved


Turvy Organ Denver, Colorado

Experimental indie rock band from Denver CO.


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Track Name: This Wild
Found the role of growing in
Moves just like a politician
Makes for honesty and pride
Talks with evil on his side
Found the role that kept you up
Pressing silence acting tough
Broken loyalty's a drunk
Hand in former like my son

I believe this part of us
Giving into what I was
This to act like we're in touch
And this part just wont give up
Turn this wild wild sound
Into somethings can't be bound
And this wild wild us
Makes it easy to have lost like my son

Maybe I could dance with the night
He's only there when he needs you
Just to feed something growing inside
And of course it's the part where I bleed through
Maybe I could spend all my life
Walking away

Stop talking telling me I'm your friend
I only need you 'cause I believe in you
And I sold out for whatever bought out
Like curses that burn more in person
And telling him I wasn't worth it
But I know who I am
Track Name: Son of Mine
You ask him a question
Can you tell me where to go?
And I could be well off dollar
Like hand in my soul
And even if I had a son of my very own
I would not understand how or what
Makes you so

If honest is ever
The last word you say
Don't keep on this feeling
It's gone in the rain
It pours as if no one is going to
Feel the same
And I don't think I am the person
You know today
Track Name: God Light
Even though the conversation kept you going all night long
The possibility of even acting up could keep you alarmed
All night long
Well, if you want to be obliged
Settle in to summerside
Break apart when you decide
That this world's not for me know
Honest icons on the bend
Settle in to what you can
Break apart when you decide
That this world's not for me now

Avalina I know
You're sinking on this feeling us both
And if I did believe you I'd go
Much apart good reason to grow
Track Name: Soft Ground
Emotion I will burn the covered ground
So you could love on the burns of a covered ground
'Cause when I feel it
Leave a song
They're cookin on piva
Like a drunk
Or maybe I'd forgive you
Twice alone
Leave it in the dirt

Maybe I could lean on the door and pretend I belong
Or just sit there wait and talk about how everything I did is wrong

But in the feeling
Life is cold
Leave a song
Tell us
Who's the gold
The evil unpop
Shiva don't
No don't you tell a lie
(Former kid)
Track Name: Karina
Friend of mine
Was it the lack of time
Or cause the hell to shine
Like the burning on the river
You were left there all alone
And I could lead on
But I don't know where to go
I could lead on
Like nothing that I know
A son is a son
Doesn't matter if you grow
A soul is a soul
It's the haunt that we know

This is on a feeling
Like I don't belong
Hex on the ceiling
Speaking in tongues
My revelation
Came in this song
I don't wanna be here
Here's all i know
Hi Karina
Track Name: Honest Man
I believe I was honestly begging for the right kind of mine
One with which to reach out and go pow
I believe I was waiting for this to align
Settle myself and go pow

There is a road I will not ride
This is the place I left behind
I know you're hollow
I know your will
Track Name: Illuminated Man
What's the matter kid have you lost your will to live
Place you finger on the back oh yeah it's just like that
Save the weak and gain attention make your friends and join collections
If it's a band that you wanted well yeah fuck you you're gonna die

Crystal world crystal world crystal friends doing nothing
Stomp around shaking hands save your soul to save something
Brilliant lights from the side of a white holy night
And then a man comes in and says that he's Jesus Christ

Bow your heads you got no friends on this earth to surprise you
And then most of the time I don't see how you thought through
Journey well, journey well and I'll see you in hell
Kid might be nice well alright I'm not that bad of a guy christ
Track Name: Dust of Time
I took off my friends
I believe what I did
I didn't mean what I said
And now it's part of life
Disappointing tongues we tied
Now this the dust of time
I wish I could undo what I did
But I can't
So heaven please be kind
For I am just like you tonight

I can tell this desert doesn't change
Honestly keep heading separate ways
Into the fall
To keep you on your knees
That's all
Oh my God I feel the cold
It's pressing over both my hands and bones
If all is right
than right is all you need tonight
Track Name: Golden Role
If you believe me
It's in the soul
And I forgot which way to go
And It's honest
It's what causes
This idea
Pours like gold
Follow me down in to this role
And I'm a father
To the martyr
Watching him dancing all alone
It's the feeling
Of growing old
Given the person that you were
Its evil omen
Brought you home and
Asking the lord to sell my soul
For some time and
Keeping quiet
Forever controversial